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When Im done with your smile youll never need to Facetune it again Pretty much 247 here for my patients always and anywhere doctorgabe
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Why do dentists ask questions when theres a ton of stuff in your mouth? Ill admit it, Im totally guilty of doing this to my patients. Sorry!#dentist #dentisthumor #teeth #veneers #porcelainveneers #smilesbydrgabe
What happened to your pearly whites @lukerockhold ???? Haha love you brother, glad you are back and better than ever!Skin and face restored by @drsarmelasunder Smile by @drgaberosenthal #smilesbydrgabe #ufc #veneers #porcelainveneers #emergency
Beautiful collab with the legendary plastic surgeon @drsarmelasunder This was a 1 month post op and look how amazing @lukerockhold looks! Face and skin by @drsarmelasunder Smile by @drgaberosenthal I have collaborated with the great Dr Sunder on several hundred cases at this point, and our patie...
Someone just sent this to me. Its pretty amazing True? #veneers #porcelainveneers #dentist #smilesbydrgabe
Heres an awesome video of a makeover that includes: #porcelainveneers , #teethwhitening , #dentalbridge and a lot more to improve the function and esthetics for this amazing patient!
Beautiful smile makeover using super thin #porcelainveneers . Here, we used #veneers to widen the smile, close many gaps, improve the bite and function of the teeth, and brighten the smile permanently. We also replaced missing teeth in the back. SWIPE LEFT to see the video and all the different a...
Here was a fun case where we straightened this patients teeth, whitening and widened his whole smile, and balanced the entire bite using hand made #porcelainveneers Hope you love this smile like we do! COMMENT below what you think!
Sorry, I got hungry #veneers #porcelainveneers #smilesbydrgabe
@essieannbone thanks for letting me share this masterpiece! Sometimes, all it takes are 4 super-detailed, thin #porcelainveneers and some #teethwhitening to completely #glowup a beautiful smile! #smilesbydrgabe
A bright, beautiful, and natural looking makeover using #porcelainveneers for @essieannbone . Zoom in to appreciate all the details and SWIPE left to see how the veneers straightened the whole smile and fit Essies face perfectly! Let me know how you like this smile in the COMMENTS!
Flossing is very importa are you even listening? #smilesbydrgabe #veneers #cat #fyp
One of my all time favorite #porcelainveneers makeovers! We used porcelain veneers to improve this patients bite, restore broken and decayed teeth, and allow him to smile bigger than ever before! COMMENT if you love this smile! Who is next???!!!#smilesbydrgabe #veneers #losangeles #teethwhitening