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I help homemakers create intentional spaces and experiences that build strong loving families
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Im really proud of myself. I did this room entirely on my own. Shiplap, trim, paint, everything. The bedrooms in our home have been sadly neglected in favor of more pressing projects over the last few years, but Ive been working on fixing that this summer after all, everyone deserves a happy sp...
Feel like youre not getting enough quality time with your kids? Cook with them! Weve been sold a bill of goods as parents. Convinced that in order to have quality time with your kids you need to have something special planned, that you need to entertain them, that it needs to be exciting, elabor...
Comment BOYS ROOM to get all the details on my boys vintage equestrian inspired bedroom. This project was so much fun to work on and Im so happy with how it turned out. And even better, my boys love it.
Putting the final touches on my boys bedroom design was even more satisfying than I thought it would be. Its amazing what a little art and some fun decor can do to finish a space. Comment BOYS ROOM and Ill DM you links to everything in here, then come back tomorrow for the final reveal!
I had no idea how to make a Roman shade when I started this project but I do now. Thanks, google. There is something extremely satisfying about making something with your own two hands, amiright? Let me know if you guys want a tutorial for this one. Its pretty darn easy and the results are
Even if youre not a routine person, these 3 things will make your life better: 1. Get ready for the day. Its so easy for it to feel pointless when youre home with kids, but getting ready for the day has had a massive effect on my mental health and also my ability to show up as the best version o...
Did you have a book that defined your childhood?My imagination came alive as a little girl reading about the secret passages and walled gardens of Mary Lenoxs world, but I have to say the real treasure I found in reading The Secret Garden, then and now is watching the children transform as they b...
Magic. 2 months in the making #garden #newengland #magic #homemaking
I dont own a cow, but I do know how to get a 16 foot cattle panel home from tractor supply now. So that should be a really useful life skill. One of my favorite things to do around my home is create little pockets of magic in our spaces and I felt like no garden space is truly magic without a t...
Of all the things I wanted for my kids, the thing I wanted most was for them to be close to their siblings for their whole life. I mean what could be better than a bunch of built in best friends, who always have your back and understand you better than anyone? What a gift to give to your childr...
One of the best decisions I ever made was to start intentionally curating my lifeIt began with my closet and when that had a massive impact on every single day of my life, I decided to take a look at everything. You cant keep everything in your closet, in your kitchen, in your schedule. You have...
Theres not a single meal I make during the week that takes me more than 30 minutes but Sundays are special. On Sundays I often cook for over an hour, sometimes more. Sunday dinner is my final act of worship on the Sabbath. I make something nice, pull out the good dishes and the cloth napkins, ...