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It's been quite a while since I've drawn something for the last time. Whenever I drew something, I felt so bad about it. I had the feeling of not being good enough, every single time I picked up a pencil. And that's where I decided that I really needed a break.But a couple of days ago I felt like...
started colouring this piece it's taking a while, but I really like the way it looks so far I hope you like it too
Believe it or not: I found some time to draw a bit. Sketching this was pretty interesting and took a while but I am looking forward to finish this piece soon. Hope you like it
Today was a quite good day and I finally managed to colour some parts I'm really happy with the results so far.
I'm finally done with the inking. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 Hope you like it so far
decided to redraw this kingdom hearts piece. (swipe to see the old version) Christmas break is over and I still feel terribly stressed. I'm sorry in case I won't be able to draw that much.Hope you still like it
not that much of a process, but I still hope you like it. Most exams are over and Christmas break is finally here.Maybe I'll be able to finish some drawings
Finished the inking for this piece.. I hope I won't mess it up.. like almost every piece hope you like it so far
Just a crappy sketch of Naruto and Kurama it's been a long time since I've touched a pencil, but it feels good to do so. I'll try to enjoy it for as long as I can. sorry for not posting that much
started this piece of Eren Jger Sorry for not posting that often.. I'm pretty stressed out atm I really hope, you still like it so far
I'm finally done with this one... holy shit. that was such an intense drawing. I really hope, you like the result
it takes soooo long, but I guess it'll be worth it in the end hope you like it too!