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Small, seemingly insignificant changes..Completed consistent over [time]yield HUGE results It may seem like youre not making progress, at least not the speed you are seeking.. But keep g o i n gYou will see ALL of your efforts overnight + It will be worth every moment
They choose usA sentence Ive repeated to myself everyday for weeksBeing a coach//mentor is a mirror.Every aspect that I see in myself, I see in all of my clients.It is personal growth x infinity at an accelerating speed And even deeper, what Im going through on a soul levelSo is my team.I used t...
In order for things to change, youve got to be willing to get up and do SOMETHING. You dont have to be perfect, you just have to make a move Its a new week, make a [move] Lets see how l i m i t l e s s you truly are
Weight training teaches you how to be resilient in lifeIt teaches you empowerment.Mental fortitude.How to truly believe in yourselfThere is NO WAY I would have had the mental strength to overcome my own bulls**t with previous body dysmorphia + eating disorders if it wasnt for weight training.Ther...
and just like thatall of her d r e a m s came [true]
Feel the full potential of the [unknown]And the w i l d possibility that is Y o u
75 hard is NOT a weight loss challenge. Its a mental fortitude challenge. Its becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. Its overcoming your own BS, stories, beliefs, attitudes, behaviorsEverything thats holding you back from YOUR greatness.After day 2, I mapped out the rest of the year for Phase ...
Come work out with me: Moo edition This was so much fun to make. Moo is the Hugh Hefner of the gym. Hes the cutest fur baby ever and makes working out take 10x longer sometimes because he distracts me with his cuteness. IYKYK. In all seriousness, its not just Moo that keeps me coming back. The Me...
Your goal isnt going to go away...Embrace the temporary discomfort now or experience is amplified later. YOU are the creator of your destinyShow up for yourself
I just want to sleep inI catch myself in this thought, as I feel myself open my eyes But thats just what I want in this moment its not what I actually want I have a clear vision of what I intend to create and that is far more important to me than 20 more minutes of sleep I have never regretted m...
My current favorite booty exercise that you probably have tried (yet!) Whats your fav booty builder!?!