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Kanyes wife outfit reminds me of big panties. Automatic says theyre like giant tighty whities. Her curves tho
Ovidio Guzmn Lpez, son of El Chapo, has been extradited to the U.S on a private jet. Weeee!
Tejas photo dump
OH NO! . Today #TeyanaTaylor confirmed that her and her husband #ImanShumpert have separated after 7 years of marriage. Check out the statement #Teyana posted. Prayers to this family and their two young children. #danacortez #danacortezsho #popculture
Celebrating El Diez y Seis de Septiembre, with food, friends y FAMILIA. Que VIVA!
This could have escalated, but the police officer remained calm, asked the right questions & saved the childs life.
The Mexican Congress has been presented evidence, life beyond earth exists. Are these aliens or leftover Spirit Halloween decor?
Doja Cat displaying her scars is big especially since everything online is highly filtered. Nobodys perfect.
True or false?
I love Hot Cheetos, but damn
He wasnt a mistake, he was a LESSON; Now learn from it and move forward.
Cardi B and I carry the same thing in our bags NADA. Except I got bills. Can someone robar-ge, those please?