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The hit Broadway Musical with music and lyrics by @SaraBareilles.
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Its good to be back in NYC. We blew in after almost two months directly into two concerts back to back with dear friends and colleagues. People are doing important stuff out here. @dylanberkshire put on an incredible benefit for suicide awareness. @ellensstardust showed up and I am so grateful to...
Happy Birthday to the bestest boy in the whole world! @chowdah_the_bostonian is 8 years old today! We are, understandably, completely obsessed with him. Everyone who knows us, knows Chowdah and loves him. Hes the sweetest, most loyal, cutest, best behaved dog Ive ever known. Our lives would be so...
Summer Photo/Video Dump. Excited for Fall and new beginnings. Im not going to lie, this summer has tested my patience, my hope, my sanity and has certainly tested my tendency to focus on the negative things going on right now as opposed to the multiple times I felt genuine joy this summer. Its ha...
Auntie Christine and Uncle Matt reporting for duty. New heart: UNLOCKED. First Nephew Teddy is perfect and tiny and sweet and I love him. Cant wait to show you all the love you deserve. Congratulations @mmborden1 and @edballcoach Hes just perfect. #auntie #uncle #nephew #firsttimeaunt #firsttime...
@chris.peluso Ill have more to say later.
And just like that my beautiful sister in law @mmborden1 welcomed a beautiful brand new member of our family into the world. @edballcoach told us all the details he could. Me and @mattdeangelis22 are the last two visitors to be in their house before baby Teddy arrived. I was so awake I wrote this...
Matt and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary today (and by today I mean August 5th) And by celebrated I mean, Im posting at 4 am because we have BARELY seen each other in the last couple months. But the one thing in our lives together that has been consistent is that I KNOW in my BONES.I ...
Harold Lewter has been there for me and with me through my best and worst times and I wouldnt have it any other way. I love you @itsmr.lewter There is no one like you and there never will be again. Happy Birthday to the champion of champions. #birthday #birthdayboy #clawedontplay #weloveyou
Lets go down to the Ozdust Ballroom, well meet there later tonight?? Come join @taliasuskauer and I as we have something special cooked up for you. And in a swankified turn of events, I also get to be reunited with @ginnaclaire !!! Come on out and see us at #broadwaycon for an unforgettable night...
Going to the winter formal together in suits. Traveling on chorus trips and across the country by car from Boston to LA. The Witch and Cinderella in Into The Woods. Tommy rehearsals. Engagement and wedding dress shopping. Wedding day. This person has been there for all of it. And today is her bir...
youve never heard Killer Queen like this! @cteendryer makes a MEAL of this arrangement and you can see it live this month - be there!
Just cause it makes me happy and I think it will make you happy too. @chowdah_the_bostonian living his BEST life in Massachusetts this week. I love this little buddy more than I can say. Thanks for being there for me sweet boy. #dog #dogsofinstagram #bostonterrier #bostonterriersofinstagram #cho...