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The #Monateffect is real! #Monations2023I know this because I have lived it first hand I wouldnt be where I am, I wouldnt have the friends that I have, and I wouldnt be the woman that I am if it wasnt for this opportunity... And what has this business done for me? The ability:To get over my own f...
Perfect little brunch celebrating my moms bday Te amo mami! Fam(ily)
July Things Time really does fly when youre having fun. Most amazing summer ever! Went by so quickly. Created core memories with my favorite people. Wish IG would let you post more than 10 at a time.
@cavotagoomykonos always has the most amazing vibe. Thank you for having us. Glow and tan by: @glowupmia
This is your sign to start working from wifi and go to Greece. #Summer2023 Who would you bring here? its so dreamy!
La dolce vita #ItalyLeftOvers #eurotrip #italytrip #italyOutfits #Couple #summer2023Tan and Glow by: @glowupmia
4 and a half years ago I decided to get very uncomfortable online, so I can live very comfortably offline. And it definitely paid off. For ever grateful for my business. Go Live that life girl! #monateffect Dress: @ratandboa
15 years of love and adventure!
15 years of love and laughter, and our journey continues along the stunning Amalfi Coast. Celebrating our 15 anniversary in paradise with the one who makes my heart soar. @cristi__stone #AnniversaryBliss #AmalfiCoastEscape #ForeverandAlways #almaficosst
With the heart you have, youll always win
Happiest 15 years by your side. Ty for loving me the way you do. To more unforgettable honey moons around the globe. I love you forever and ever baby. And ever and ever Ps: From now own, every single summer will be a European summer until we move here. 1000/10
Vacation me is the real me