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film grain makes the memories captured feel soft. And remaining soft is an important and sometimes difficult thing in this world. have a gentle monday everyone home september 2023 Kodak portra 400
~moments of a flow state ~ @dylanleslie
Went to my first football match yesterday and watched @premierleague play stateside (I know Im the American here but football makes more sense and soccer doesnt but hey, a lot of things dont make sense to me over here)Also: this month was the first time I found out what its like not needing to al...
I watched these 2 strangers sit with each other for a game of chess the other day. If you live in New York or have been, often you will find folks sitting in parks with a chess board and an empty chair across from them. Its a silent offering for whoever wants to sit down can do so for a game. Wat...
Bryan Cranston (and Michael Shannon in the background) at the @sagaftra rally in Times Square yesterday Taken on my Pentax k1000 85mm lens for those who wonder how its so zoomed in when I was observing from so far away.
this pure lil soul just enjoying his sunday
just a little bit of july:1. Before I overheated in a New York apartment that didnt have AC 2. One of my favorite sounds / specifically as a familiar New York City soundtrack. 3. Where roos name comes from 4. Mammatus clouds?!5. It really does. Try it sometime.6. Cuz it Feels ing great 7. @whatsr...
Exploring the medium format more. Pentax 6x7 cinestill 120 film sometime this year (That caption is for my film nerds out there )
Some old film photos from 2014. If youve followed me a while, youve already seen these. But looking back through the ones I found not that interesting at the time feels different almost 10 years later. Theyre all from when I lived in California, some taken on little adventures outside of Los Ange...
Im saddened but not surprised that those with financial power would disrespect the artists that help them get there. Shocking, I wrote something too long for a caption. Read it or dont, agree or dont, but greed disgusts me and Im proud to be an artist standing by my community of writers & now act...
My brother & I took these of each other during a recent & aggressive summer rainstorm neither of us were prepared for. The 1st & 3rd were taken on film. The 2nd & 4th, taken on this tiny handheld computer we all use every day. And while the first you can only see half my face and the exposure isn...
Theres a reason so many people write about the Moon. 9:33pm monday, june 26th new york city