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Its happening! Best Runner Ever returns! Thats right! Best Runner Ever is taking over February 2024! So many exclamation points And we have a Black Friday weekend deal. Sign up between now and Cyber Monday (November 27) for a discounted price AND you get a special 90-minute group call with the tw...
I believe being grateful and thankful is a super power for runners. Thats why I made the Thank You Run and Another Thank You Run and the Grateful 8K Run and the Grateful 5K Run and 30 Minute Thank Yous. And I hope that if you go for a run today or tomorrow or some day soon (or later) that you giv...
The race isnt going to be perfect. I need to let you know that. You might go out too slow. You may go out too fast. You may fall asleep in the middle or lose focus towards the end. You may come up short or have too much left in the tank at the finish. You may cramp up because you drank too little...
Being your best is not about the past. Being your best is not about the future. Being your best is about today the here and the now because you can only be in the present. So dont compare yourself to the past or compete with yourself in the future. Own this moment. And try your best now. Because ...
You dont race to prove youre a runner. You race to celebrate youre a runner. Be proud of who you are right now because who you are right now, is who we are cheering for! Well see you on the other side of that starting line.
This was never just about running the Marathon. Because the true marathon was the journey to get here. Getting on and over all those daily starting lines. To start another recovery run. Another speed run.Another long run. Committing.Then recommitting. The breakthroughs and setbacks. The barriers ...
I thought 9 hours of driving yesterday with some weird meal choices sprinkled along the way combined with getting into bed late at least late for me would have guaranteed that this run sucked. I was wrong. Not sure what it was maybe the nice temperature or maybe it was the brilliant blue cloudles...
The band is back together! Thats right! Daniel the Engineer (yes hes real and really sassy) just spent a few long days in the old studio working hard so we can meet you on all those starting lines when youre ready to run. Cheers and thank you for dancing along with us! I mean running with us. #ev...
I miss teaching. Especially on days like today. But, if I was still teaching this is what Id say:You dont remember the dayyou werent even born yet.Wow. Thats crazy. You can stop writing. You wont be tested on this... not in my classroom. Im not going to tell you stories. Not about that day... not...
I had the honor to hang out with a group of really special people last week in Los Angeles. People that create starting lines. People that create excuses for others to move themselves forward. People that invite their neighbors to be a part of their community. People that saw a need for something...
If you can go for a rungo for a run. Doesnt matter how fast, how far or how long. Just go for a run. Dont run to beat yourself up. Dont run to punish yourself. Dont run to lose something. Dont run away from where you are. Run to lift yourself up. Run to celebrate yourself. Run to gain something. ...
NEW EPISODE EVERY RUN HAS A PURPOSE. Want to know the origin story for that foundational pillar of my coaching (and life) philosophy? Then you need to listen to episode 7 of Coach Bennetts Podcast. (You can listen anywhere and everywhere you get your podcasts - Apple, Spotify, Google, Pandora, ...