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Thank you @kalemana_festival @denisepayneyoga @dariovignali @ire_bosi and everyone who contributed to this weekends wild and memorable fun at the #KalemanaFestival oh la la!!!
see me and my shadow, trusted companions, in our own lane with no traffic.magic happens when we focus on our path, leaving behind the noise of comparison and competition, which distracts us from the rare journey were meant to travel.stay in your own lane, thrive and extend a helping hand to other...
Hey there, Free Spirit! September is wide open on my coaching calendar. Are you ready to leave excuses in the dust and start living your dream life?To kick things off, Ill shoot you my Calendly link. That way, you can easily schedule a #FREE discovery call before August 31. Just slide into my DMs...
Have you heard about my upcoming Safari Retreat in Kenya October 18-29?Its not just a journey; its a soul awakening exploration alongside wildlife and new lifelong friends.Picture yourself amidst the grandeur of the Masai Mara, basking in the presence of majestic creatures. As you witness them in...
(((black sand beach vibes)))#AllBlackEverything Have you caught wind of the upcoming Safari Retreat in Kenya, East Africa, this coming October? Its not just a journey; its a soul awakening. Picture yourself amidst the grandeur of the Masai Mara, basking in the presence of majestic creatures. As ...
Double pleasure today as I rocked my two favorite classes back to back - #Yinnergy and #WombWisdom! Over 100 students got a glimpse of these earrings before one decided to take an early exit RIP to my brave earring. At least it went out in style after I captured this moment of pure joy! Its #Fri...
during todays Chakra Innergy Healing class, @dikesang_ captured a moment of me passionately teaching and embracing what brings me joy. His adept watercoloring skills and swift strokes left me in awe and feeling seen. Evidently, my words resonated with his heART, and evoked a sense of oneness, vi...
Step into a world where self-care takes center stage, and where every aspect of your life is profoundly impacted by your commitment to nurture yourself. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a newbie, this retreat caters to all levels.Envision the possibilities that await you once you actually exper...
Are you tired of feeling exhausted and depleted?Have you ever found yourself on the verge of giving up?Do you yearn for a much-needed respite to reclaim your sense of wholeness and inner peace?If you long for a soulful reconnection with your peaceful self, a meaningful break from the demands of e...
There are levels to this #respectfully #ofcourse #baldfade #haircutdesigns #authentic #noweave #naturalbeauty
How often do you allow nature to purify and restore your inner energy? When the atmosphere feels dense and dark, I make it a priority to spend time with a source that has the mightiest upgrade codesnature.
Relax. Nothings missing.When you relax peace flows to you and through you. The next time youre feeling anxious or overwhelmed try calming yourself by naming:5 things you can see4 things you can hear3 things you can feel2 things you can smell1 thing you can tasteEventually, youll notice how steady...