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b chiu
___________________________Appreciation Project by @artclassvn THE COMING OF AGE Through a language purely visual, the project is dedicated to various public personas, the attainment of prominence, respectability and recognition they portray in their names. The Coming-Of-Age, documented under a f...
d thn
Chng 1: Con Qu, Tm Gng & Nhng Mnh VCu chuyn xoay quanh v mt con qu ch to ra tm gng k l. Nu ngi no tt hay vt no tt soi vo tm gng th u tr nn mo m d s. Hn na, ngi hay vt no xu th tr nn kinh d hn. Chnh v c im k d ca tm gng m con qu mang i khp ni v sau mang ln thin nh ch nho c c Cha Tri v cc Thnh. V...
making art & stuff raw footages eat it or leave
FREAKSHOW - nhn li Pride Month va qua, mt ln na Chiu c c hi t chc mt m tn vinh nhng ci p qui n trong cng ng ca mnh. c hi t vi nhng ngi cng loi, cng la & cng nhau celebrate lan ta l mt cm gic rt l fulfilled. Chiu cm n mi ngi nhiu lm. LOVE Produced by MeSupported by @commas.sgn Directed by @nhatanh...
cn au ny rt ng iu & ng nh
she quy
le freak 'est chic