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Life lately, enjoying our snack break, staying ALERT before my food & Coke is snatched from me by BAE, while listening to the new Coke studio drop.#RealMagic #CokeStudio#CokePartner @cocacola_africa @ccbainkenya #ChefAliMandhry
Did you know? Coca-Cola has been involved in various projects in Africa aimed at social and economic development,sustainability, and community support.I had the privilege of attending the Mombasa International Show. It was a remarkable experience witnessing the incredible work being done by the A...
Celebrating our wedding Anniversary, it feels like just yesterday when we first held hands 9 years ago, May it be forever and ever InshaAllah. Happy anniversary to us @dijalartiste Swipe next for kikoi look mara tu upepo umepepea movie Ndio ianze #ChefAliMandhry#DijaLartiste #happyanniversary #an...
This is a win for all of us here, My Africa, My Kenya and my Swahili world. Just remember these words:- What God has planned for you, is for you. Trust His timing. Trust His plan. Im grateful for each and everyone of you who always support me and my better half @dijalartiste who is always by my s...
Happy birthday to our Ajwad Babake turns 3 years old today days fly Alhamdulilah he was a baby just the other day. This little boy has a love for the planets and MashaAllah he can name each one of them even the dwarf planets Bismilahi MashaAllah Allahuma barik. He was so happy and excited to hav...
Hiiii Fam! I Hope you are all keeping well, I would like to give you guys my two cents on a lesson I learnt lately in life. Feel free to drop or share your thoughts and experience below. I urge you to try your best to be as secretive as possible.Do not speak of your personal things, especially go...
NAME THIS BOY BAND!We are about to unleash some fire tracks on #cokestudioafrica, watch this space!#realmagic #cokestudio
MashaAllah my little Princess Anaya Graduated from Kindergarten today she is ready for Year 1 InshaAllah. So proud of My baby #proudfather #proudfathermoment #chefalimandhry
Are you all ready for this one? Shall I drop some tunes with a delicious snack break? Whos going to sing along? Ok Im so excited for this season of #CokeStudio Lets do this @katekendy #RealMagic @cocacola_africa @ccbainkenya #ChefAliMandhry
Loved making this one ASMR crusted cheese beef fillet steak sandwich what do you think? shall I do more of the whispering ASMR? let me tell you that this is everything you never knew you always wanted. Here are the ingredients gather them and lets make it together.For the sauce 200g eggless mayon...
Doesnt that look delicious? Swahili Chinese inspired meal, this stir fry is so good and guess what its not meat but looks just like it, right? and its tastes even more delicious apart from the deliciousness it is also packed with protein, omega 3 enriched with iron and is cholesterol free. What a...
Infinix wishes you a memorable Eid-Ul-Adha filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments. Click link in bio to join the Infinix Community. #InfinixKenya #HappyEid