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3 Reasons I like Cables for Shoulder Training 1. Alignment - cables help tremendously here 2. Versatility - the cable pulley height and your association to and from the pulleys opens up creativity 3. Constant load opportunity - opposition of resistance all the time improves the awareness of inter...
Do you really care? As a coach this is a care industry. Your entire business success revolves around how well you care. Do you care about your clients big WHY? Do you care about producing a result? Do you care about being the consistent influence for those who invest in you. Business 101
Your business fundamentals should drive your overall purpose. For me, a service industry begins with how do I serve? Morally what do I stand for?Part 1 begins to dive into knowing these basics for business success
SOUND ON Coaches, your clients, pupils, peers are a direct representation of your brand. Your brand should be a system engineered and made to help those you work with think, act, and perform effectively similar to the way you do. Youre welcome to be biased to a certain way of training. Its your ...
Coaches What makes you irreplaceable? With all your products in your service, you must consider this?Do you have a guarantee that your clients just wont get along the same without your help?In this video, we discuss the use of manual work in stretch experiences as a tool that cant be replicated. ...
Educational nerd session taking place @lt.dublin, talking about the relationship gravity has on loading muscles. This is the Segway into understanding free weights and how to use them as an effective tool to load a the intended muscle you are attempting to train with an exercise. The big take hom...
Stretching gets a bad rap. Mainly because anyone can do it, theres very little purpose, and the application is misguided. Clean up all the above and now you have tool that feeds into the rest of your health endeavor. Stretch should be an efficient effort to support high level condition, resistanc...
If you make fun of the teacher, he may grill you in front of the whole classroom of peers. Be prepared!
Full day today at the @greyhawkgolf watching the NCAA National Mens Golf Championships, @uncmensgolf & @austin_greaser
We out here @rachhwilson Phoenix Day 1
Want to really feel your glutes? Want to throttle them at the end of your hip training? Still trying to really lock in a solid glute contraction?Try this set approach. Remember, its not what youre doing, its how youre doing it. Listen to my external cues, geared to make internal work more effecti...