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yesterday was dreamy !!! the best mornings always at @bearcoastcoffee#lagunabeach #bearcoastcoffee #coffeelover #coffeeshop #photographypopup #photographer #losangeles #sanclemente #surfphotography
The perfect dad mug doesnt exis oh wait. A dad mug. With a dad joke. For dad. Kinda perfect. Free shipping online today with the code:papabear2024At checkout #coffeemug #fathersdaygiftidea #bearcoastcoffee #dadjokesfordays
The return of the foam. Now it really feels like summer. Vanilla cold foam is back on bar. Pro tip - iced matcha with vanilla cold foam is life-changing. #bearcoastcoffee#VanillaColdFoam#SummerVibesOnly#IcedMatchaLove#VanillaColdFoamObsessed #LifeChangingCoffeeMoments
If you dont like breakfast burritos Then look away. But for the rest of us NORMAL humans, we got burritos waiting for you at all the cafs. Every Friday through Sunday.Weekends are for burritos. #breakfastburrito #bearcosstcoffee
Photography pop-up this Sunday at Bear Coast Laguna Beach. With @capturedbybrianna_ from 9:30am-12. Her stuff is amazing.#photooftheday #photography
Pups & Cups was off the leash!! (Sorry not sorry)If you have any solid photos from this past weekend, or images of your pup in their new bandanna, make sure to tag us with the hash tag #bearcoastpupbrigade This past weekend was a big adoption event called Pups and Cups. We got to see so many of o...
Affogatos tomorrow!! (Ice Cream and espresso) Spread the word. We are taking a break from all the sneak peaks and updates to have a little ice cream party to celebrate school getting out for the summer. This Friday each of our cafs has some ice cream to pour espresso over. Add some flavors. Have ...
Pup Brigade ASSEMBLE! Bear Coast Pup Brigade was a term coined by Josh burns and tomorrow the pup brigade is having an adoption party! Dogs are one of our favorite types of customers. Right up there with kids and the occasional friendly pig. We are going to be selling our newly released dog toy, ...
Here is our 2024 Bear Coast Coffee Bag Update. No more sneak peeks. Over the past days you have seen the thought that went behind this bag update. It has been a lovingly intentional process. Emphasizing what we care about, remembering where weve been, and appreciating how weve grown. The colors ...
Sneak Peak Detail #4. When did you get so grown up?Today is the last day of school for my kids and most of your kids out there if you are in South Orange County. My daughter (Who was one when we started) is having her last day of elementary school before heading to jr High. She is currently tal...
Sneak peak detail #1. Our roasting program started in 2019. And weve learned a lot in that time. We have a big update this week that is our attempt to implement these lessons. One of the biggest things I know Ive personally heard from family and friends is how much they love our name and our log...
Sneak Peak Detail #2. The original and the inspiration. This is the original menu we had at the Cellar when we started our pop-up in 2014. If youve been over to my house, you know that it hangs in my kitchen above our counter. I look at this menu every day and remember the conversations I had whe...