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founder ceo of hanahanabeauty
creator host of theconversationspod
sustainable mental health practices are my jam
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Mid day ash check gotta stay moisturized
Our favorite review is from a 67 year old man!! @hanahana_beauty for everyone #hanahanabeauty #sheabutter
So dope to see the work that @hanahana_beauty is doing be featured on @blackbeautyeffect on @netflix thanks @brookedevard for always supporting and sharing about Hanahana Beauty If you havent check out @blackbeautyeffect by @andrealewis on @netflix
one thing about us the skin will always be glowingthanks to @hanahana_beauty
This one was soooo good! One thing @beanieboamah is gonna do is keep it ! Loved this chance to sit down and talk about @hanahana_beauty, live transitions, her evolving leadership style and her take on sustainability in beauty! Tune in on your favorite platform @amazonmusic @spotifypodcasts @apple...
The process of shea butter is just so admirable. Lucky + blessed to be in the work that Im doing today. Im not gonna lie, Ive been feeling a high level burn out this summer but being back in tamale has been extremely inspiring.Shea butter made by the katariga suglo cooperative
My sweet Sinat. You will forever be missed by so many of us and forever loved!May you rest in everlasting peace. Your kindness, creativity, love will forever be an impact.I met Sinat in 2019 in nyc at an okayAfrica x tony chocolonely event @joshuakissi intro us and basically was like I feel like...
hey babes! @beanieboamah founder of hanahana here with a message about our 10 Days to $10K healthcare fundraiser!hanahana is going on summer break from 7.17-7.23 to rest + recoup. during this break, no orders will be shipped. because there will be no shipping until monday, july 24, now is a great...
June was nice.
Although we all want things to happen positively for us and go our way, its important you look at yourself and ask Am I prioritizing myself and my growth enough for this to happen for me right now?All that we do flows from what we pour into ourselves. Trust the process, and flow with the waves, y...
The week so far.1. Tuesday before I taught a workshop at for the summer reading program at the South Holland Library 2. @thecut feature by @akili_ - I love interviewing with you always 3. Routine -read the article, its fun and I share my go to skincare things + opinions 4.body wash samples are in...
72 hours in nyc, work + fam