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A good days work Thank you Amy! #sheababyslays
We kinda breezed through this sleeve, bout to continue it onto his chest, where Hades will clash with Zues. Digging the cold and warm palette, makes for a more striking look. Thanks for checking it out
New Swag on both my website and the shop's. Super impressed with the quality too. Thanks for shopping local
NSFW1 year in the making, 10 sessions or soI was hesitant to post, but fak that, it deserves an audience#darkart #darkbeauty #inkedmag #inkjunkeyz #sheababyslays #tattoosnob #darkacademia
The world needs a new vampire movie. A good one. Something dark. If these writers in Hollywood don't get it together, I'm going to have to start writing. What happened to originality? We are doomed with remakes for eternity. Safer investment for the producers, remake a classic, make the trail...
Threw down last night. Thanks for the skin @pstump85 Turned out super dope, which felt good. It's been a weird month. Between cancellations and getting sick twice, I've been off my game. Gotta get back to week. Lol
Ready to have a good time...@blacksheepfw #sheababyslays
Last Friday's festivities, we got down to the 13rd degree. Thanks for taking the wrath Shaun, always a blast. @oneballshaunSpecial thanks to Trinity @t.phocus for capturing the mos' dopest videos. And thank you @jeinx @______________ted @manic_monkey_creations for helping me execute it.This is...
Early morning hand banger done on @kvmnmusic Thanks for coming thru man! #cheyennetattooequipment #eternalink @blacksheepfw
My first client for the season of darkness. It went pretty well overall, but I got super hot after an hour. Did most of the tattoo with the mask off. But its cool, it's a great photo & video opp. He enjoyed the experience. @darksideoftheneedle
She look cute, but I wouldn't get any closer...Posted this design the other day, thank you Abby for swooping it up. Them skullfish tho! This tattoo took about 3-4 hours. Cheyenne Sol machine, Cheyenne safety cartridges, Eternal ink, Bounty paper towels... they need to sponsor artists already...
Up for grabs! Lmk if you want to give one of these a home. Calf would be best, or forearm. Dates in October, spooky stuff only.