Currently renovating my homestead art studio
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Found these apple trees growing wild in the back of my homestead! I didnt get to really tap into fully gardening this year, so Im excited to see these apples fully ripe and big! Im always striving towards learning how to live more sustainably. My biggest move was to get this property to slowly fi...
I remember as a kid, someone once told me I was too loud and bossy. Its funny thinking about it, but that really suppressed me to be more courageous in life. I think when you finally overcome that, you will realize the world in a new light. Better late than never!
I have been enjoying my alone time learning more about sustainability. My current goal is to learn how to make wholesome foods that can nurture my body and the earth. I dont consider myself the most sustainable person but I have been trying my best to give back I cant wait to finish renovating t...
Finally a pair of wide legged bottoms that arent too baggy at the thighs. I lost my IG modeling skills but it was a nice day to wear light color pants. I want to know how often do you guys buy new clothing? I have not in yearsss. Part of the reason is trying to minimize and simplify my life. The...
These past few years Ive been relearning on how to make myself feel safe. Something Ive learned about myself is that my inner child had never felt that way, therefore as an adult I feel like I can never chill. I had to grow up quick to take care of myself. Ive always thought it was to work hard a...
I dont think I can ever sit still. I have been searching for the next project to keep me curious. I think I may have asked for more than what I can handle I have not felt inspire to DIY anything for years but I think I jumped levels with this one! Thought I pop in to say a little Hiiiii since I...
Just the beginning of this Arctic freeze
Its that time of in the year for some hot chocolate!!! I never liked how overly sweet most of the premixes in stores tastes. They never have enough of that real cacao flavor too. So I decided to play with my own recipe until I get it! This is so easy, simple, and wholesome. You know whats in you...
Come to the farm with me! Theres no perfect place, its all perspectives and what we make of life. Im shining a light on small town living because this is whats serving me in my life today. I used to enjoy the farmers market in CA, but sometimes I question the authenticity of some of the booth as ...
The only thing I miss about the big city life is going out for boba tea That was a sweet addiction I couldnt resist Like with everything, there are pros + cons. There are things Im learning to adjust to, like the diversity in shops, foods, and people. I think as we level up in our life, we have...
Painting & reflecting: I believe that the past is there for us to reflect, learn, measure how far we have grown, and then move on. Hopefully one day humankind can stop repeating history by realizing that so much of us has been oppressed by our own.
Be sure to FOLLOW for more tips! Heres a little lifestyle hack I use to help keep me stay consistent with healthy habits! Im such a visual person, so having visual reminders like this helps me so much! Let me know if you think this will serve you in the comments!