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Can you guess the airport?
#unfair - DISCLAIMER; this is a joke. I would never hate on ATC, we would be lost without them . There can be many reasons why another aircraft gets priority and we dont always have the famous bigger picture. That all said, we just dont like waiting #airlinepilot
6 years ago today. BEST DECISION EVER. Just got a Facebook reminder that this picture was taken 6 years ago. It was one of Flappie his first days with me & I posted this with the caption: so this is what extreme happiness feels like . #bestboy #adoptdontshop
You can hold down the video to pause of you want some more time to read the tips. Also, most important, in hotels & other places, be nice & dont leave a mess. #airlinepilot
I might be even worse with checking if my sound is really on for the early standby duties. #airlinepilot
Explanation video about the flight instruments, talking with the speed of sound #airlinepilot
Views last week Just arrived back in Oslo to start a new work week tomorrow. Last work period before vacation & then 2 work periods before another vacation
100 points to the person who can guess what Im doing here & why . #airlinepilot
Days off at home
Wedding pictures part 2 : @suzanneoudfotografie & @momentsby_michelle
Needed this reminder It seems that I especially need these kind of reminders when Im spending more time on social media. What is it with people that they feel the need to leave unkind comments at posts of people they dont even know? I really like a quote I saw Tom Holland saying once: If you have...