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There it is: the summit of the Matterhorn & the views surrounding it! Watching YouTube videos of people climbing this mountain beforehand had me spooked. Some talked about doing pull ups everyday and cardio five times a week for months prior to the climb. I often mention being slow and believe me...
Ive always hated birthdays. :(but I hate them a little less in Switzerland. Its really hard to be all doom and gloom with a pot of melted cheese in front of your face. Its been raining since our Matterhorn adventure but we might have good enough weather to burn off some of those fondue calories i...
50/50 indeed! Forwards and backwards - safe Left or right - imminent death pls cheval responsibly ;)#rogerspass #britishcolumbia #rockclimbing #mountaineering #mountainplanet July 23, 2023 The Dome in Rogers Pass
If anyone needs me, I have joined a flock of Blacknose sheep in the pastures surrounding Zermatt. They have accepted me as one of their own and in return I provide 24/7 head scratches. Apart from climbing the Matterhorn, seeing the Valais Blacknose sheep was my only other wish for this trip to Sw...
The East Ridge of Edith Cavell used to be immortalized in my head as one of my longest, most exhausting days in the mountains. My second time around felt Iike a fun, casual day out! Am I a lot more fit than I used to be? Probably not. Was it because I was snacking on @CLIFBAR Ultimate Energy Bars...
The notch on The Finger We were in a hurry all day so here and the summit are the only times I pulled out the 360 camera and Im glad I did! The exposure wasnt as noticeable when I was climbing, but apparently it is from the stick above my head.#petzlgram #myortovoxstory #powerofshe #insta360 #ins...
Whenever its been a while since I last posted I always feel like I should make the next one about something cool, so heres one of the the cooler things I did in the last couple of months: The Finger.This was the perfect objective as there were storms raging all around us, but we got away with lig...
Where did winter go all of a sudden!? I was expecting to be skiing at least until the end of the month but summer temperatures and rain are kind of spoiling my goodbyes to having fun in the snow. While my brain hasnt transitioned yet and Im still leaving the house in a puffy and winter hiking boo...
at least I didnt come out of there as a rock with googly eyes or worse.. with hot dog finger hands #everythingeverywhereallatonce #paralleluniverse#skibig3 #sunshinevillage #skiing #snowboarding #weridetogether #explorebanff #insta360
I might be smiling in that photo but believe me, Im holding back tears behind those sunglasses.Although over time, Ive become better at accepting when inevitably we do have to turn around before the summit sometimes, it still takes me a few minutes to process all the emotions that come with that....
I need a reminder like this from time to time. We didnt get the summits on this trip but we got some sweet turns. Its just how it goes sometimes, might as well enjoy it. :) #mountaineering #skimo #backcountryskiing #exploreBC #insta360x3 March 26, 2023
You just cant fake smiles like that !! This was my second time cat skiing with @castlemountainresort and I can definitively say that the best turns of my life have been there. Since I ski in the backcountry and conditions like this in the resorts are rare, it is such a treat to experience proper ...