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Gawd do you feel this?How much energy Ive spent trying to protect myself from some imagined rejection, rather than letting my love flow freely.Does this resonate?Aliveness baby!!This nugget of life wisdom was dropped mid burpee by @thisisnatalie during @theclass We discuss this and so so much mor...
Are you making love to your life??I love quotes.Especially the ones that land deep, and become pillars to live by. Your whole life can change when you take the time to let a quote drop in and shift the way you experience and move through the world.What does this quote mean to you?Seriously, talk ...
SAGE HUNTRESS LOVER QUEENBy the poetic, juicy sage herself @marabranscombe Out July 25th.Go to her page to preorder and get some bonus goodies Ive been on a journey for eve past 6 years to really embody more of my sacred feminine, and my life is so so much more juicy as a result.Talk about self t...
Nature baby The trees are my ChurchThe ocean my gospelMy presence my prayerThe sun, moon and stars my holy trinityThe smell of salt, rain, and wet moss my favorite service The breeze on my neck, Heaven And the sun on my face, the reminder that I am part of it all.We are all part of it all.We are ...
More shine baby shine Apparently there was a technical glitch in my last post so some of the photos didnt show up Go there to read my more important musings on truth, love, and freedom to shine These are only some of the horizontal photos, weve taken so manyand no I dont mean lying horizontal, th...
Oh my goodness you guys!I have endless photos of me in my ELEMENT (barefoot, beached, barely clothed) taken by my absolute favorite, most talented babe ever @kristineilana of @theportraitsessions And because Im still a little afraid at times of being too much, Ive barely posted any Good gawd!No m...
Its 6pm and Im still in my robe.Well I got out of it to self pleasure and shower and now Im back in And yes I realize its a huge privilege to have a day of leisure, and also I earned this shit.So many of us are running around bought into a story of shoulds and have tos and hustle andYou deserve t...
Anyone else not like to follow instructions? Exfoliate your face.Herbal Face Food is the tits!Thank you for all your messages saying how much you love it Use code ALIYAH20 for 20% off.@herbalfacefood Have a super sexy day my friends
I will play with you till the end of time @natboltt You too @garfieldawilson #dreamteam @natbolttdirector ~ a force of fun and fabulousness#Repost @natboltt with @use.repostDirecting this wild woman and equally smokin move-buster in the @dgctalent virtual production program at @vphouse.ca using #...
Love your people Rest in peace sweet Sean
Heaven on earth.Thats what its all about I spent the last week in Boulder and Denver Colorado experiencing a depth of life and love I wont even try to articulate. All I will say is thisI believe more than ever that we are here to remember the truth of who we areThe love that we came fromThe love ...
Grateful.Thankful.Full of LOVE Thank you for all the birthday wishes sweet souls Muchos besos