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The Moon occulted Venus today. That means that the Moon passed In front of the planet and hid it for around one hour. The weather forecast was pretty iffy in Paris, but I was lucky and got literally 40 seconds when I was able to see the Moon and Venus next to it. I took a shot while the first rai...
Theres a partial lunar eclipse tonight. Unfortunately the weather in Paris doesnt cooperate and I will not be able to photograph it. So I leave you with this partial eclipse shot in Lofoten in 2018.
Astrophotography under the Big Dipper. Whats the boxy thing piggybacking on @vladulaus telescope you may ask. Thats @george_pascanus Mamiya RB67 camera taking photos of the night sky on medium format film.
I love taking photos of the night sky, but I have to be honest with you. Nothing beats visual astronomy.
One of the easiest to spot asterisms in the Northern skies, The Big Dipper, shines between the pine trees in the Romanian Carpathians.
Observing the night sky through a big Dobsonian telescope during the Astromania star party, in the Romanian Carpathians. The smudge to the upper right of the frame is the Great Andromeda Galaxy. Then, just above the telescope and a little to the left, you can spot the Double Cluster in Perseus.
Observing in the Romanian Carpathians, under the Big Dipper. A satellite flare can be seen to the left of Ursa Major.
Theres been a lot of hype around tonights Full Moon. Its been called the Super Blue Moon. First of all, its not going to be blue. I saw quite a few misleading images today with the Moon artificially coloured in blue. We call a Full Moon blue when our natural satellite reaches its full phase for a...
After ten years of absence, this year I was back at Astromania, the coolest star party in Romania. And I enjoyed every moment. Its always wonderful to share the sky with dear friends.
Eleven years ago today, I witnessed a transit of Venus across the Sun's disk. We dont have a usual sunrise in this photo. The black disk on the Sun is actually planet Venus. This very rare event will not happen again until 2117!
The constellation of Orion prepares to set behind the buildings in Aker Brygge. Its easy to spot Orion, on the left hand side of the photo. It looks like a bow tie. The brightest object in the photo is the Moon. To the upper left of the Moon, you can see red Mars. Below the Moon and a little to t...