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ICYMI: Boost Drops are the future of edibles - Swallowable (aka no teeth brushing) - Boosts your high in 20 minutes or less (because who has 45+ minutes?) - Sugar-free, dairy-free, calorie-free, gluten-free, & vegan- Discreet so you can take anywhere (& wont melt in your bag )- Now available in N...
NEW DROP ALERT 1906 Boost Drops are officially in NY!!! The healthiest, fastest-acting (like 20 minutes fast), swallowable THC. So you can boost your high anytime, anywhere. Find Boost Drops at a dispensary near you (tap to see whos tagged).
Big thanks to @nypost for featuring our innovative Love cannabis beans. Infused with exotic herbs known for their love-enhancing properties and a touch of cannabis for added sensuality, our Love Beans are designed to unlock new levels of pleasure. Experience the benefits of increased blood flow, ...
We our budtenders!
You can find 1906 in a lot of places, but were not done yet. Where to next?
We were thinking it, Callie said it!
First few months in New Jersey and its safe to say we are fitting in nicely. @apothecariumnj
Throwin some Love your way. Hand painted custom kicks by Chicago artist, @_jackoat_ #sneakersforarousal
Glad to be back to where it all started. Beans available in NYC today-forever. See you at @unionsquaretravelagency & @housingworkscannabis
Look whats coming to New York next week!
Hate to break it to you, but New Yorks best edibles are actually in New Jersey (for now). Our friends at @1906newhighs just launched their entire line of fast-acting pills in dispensaries all across the state, so grab your car, jump on a train, or pedal your bike and pick some up.
Genius awaits.